VIS Ltd., founded in 2009 and is a joint venture, set up as the high quality service company for High Tech equipment like: evaporation units, plasma and etch systems, leak detectors, purifiers, instrumentation for microelectronics, nanotechnology, optics and cryogenic systems, custom vacuum design and high equipment electronic workshop for gauge calibration and fixing RF and DC power supplies and drivers.
Our ability to give a fast response service in Israel and South Europe is well known. Company’s services are for all equipment during and after warranty period. Our policy is to work in order to provide efficient servicing facilities for all our customers.
The partners in the company, are high graduated specialists in physics, mechanical, aircraft and electronic engineering, support wide range of equipment, represented and services by VIS Ltd.

VIS Ltd. has recently undergone a process of organization/growth that will ensure efficient marketing for our services in Israel.
Due to the taxation policy in Israel, which allows exemption of import taxes to specific segments of our customers, we work on a commission basis and not as distributors or separate company.

Our concentrated efforts have enabled us to be deeply involved in our territory and we have acquired an excellent business relationship with a lot of potential organization in local market. Our customers are from next fields: Aircraft, Defense, Food, Government, Medical, Ophthalmic, Optics, R&D, Semiconductor, University, etc.

VIS Ltd’s scope of interests and manufacturers represented by us:

VIS have relations with Manufactures across the globe in our field of work, among them: AdNaNoTek, Anest-Iwata, CCR, Cosmotec, Fergutec, Ferrotec cooperation, HHV, KYKY, LC Technology, Michigan Metals, Nicoform, SMI, SPI, Temescal, Vacom, VIC, VRC and more.
VIS Ltd. is committed to responsible corporate behavior. This governs the way we interact with our key customers, suppliers and the setting in which we operate, including governments, society and the environment.
The company’s reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those with whom it deals, is one of its most valuable assets.
We are committed to establishing mutual trust and mutual beneficial relations with our business partners e.g. suppliers, collaborative associates and customers.
If you are requiring further specific information, please, do not hesitate to contact VIS Ltd.