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AdNaNoTek Corporation, Established in United States of America (USA) at 2007, AdNaNoTek Corporation is the rising leader in ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) technologies and solutions provider in Taiwan, Australia, China, and the US. We specialize in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art and fully customizable UHV systems which fits any research and industrial needs.
Our UHV deposition systems are guaranteed to deposit extremely high quality thin films in terms of uniformity and purity of surface and interfaces. The state-of-the art system control software provides user-friendly interface that allows easy operation, precise parameter tuning, real-time process monitoring, and complete data logging. In addition, we also excel in providing high quality costumer and technical services, which ranges from in-depth theoretical and hands-on training, professional technology consultation, to technical support.

AGA Technology Co., Ltd is Wholly-owned subsidiaries of AGA Group, it’s the earliest and biggest Technology innovative high-tech enterprise which focus on nickel hydrogen(NiMH) battery and high rating Lithium Polymer battery, integrating research, production, trade, and service. Relying on the strong technical advantage, economic strength and years of research experience of the Group Company, AGA Technology Co., Ltd has built its manufacturing base for Lithium Polymer Battery successively in Chongqing and Zhuhai Guangdong. In LongYan Fujian, AGA has built Nickel Hydrogen battery manufacturing base, introduction of the world’s most advanced, automated and semi automated production equipment, precision testing equipment and so on.

Arun Microelectronics (AML) specialise in the manufacture of ultra high vacuum instrumentation and in-vacuum motion systems. The company is a leading global manufacturer of Bayard Alpert UHV Vacuum Gauges, UHV ion gauge controllers and vacuum compatible stepper motors for industrial, scientific and R&D applications.
The AML product range also includes in-vacuum connectors & cables, feedthroughs, polyimide coated wire & thermocouples, vacuum stages, goniometers and titanium sublimation pump controllers.
Our products are based on a foundation of manufacturing excellence and we are fully committed to delivering quality products and superior customer service effectively, efficiently and consistently to our UK and international customers.
Established in 1981 Arun Microelectronics is a privately owned company based in West Sussex, England. Operating from modern premises situated alongside the River Arun, in view of the Norman castle and cathedral of the historic town of Arundel.

Ferrotec provides customers with advanced technology solutions that make their products work better, more precisely, and more reliably. Founded in 1980 on a technology core of FerroFluid magnetic liquid and Ferrofluidic® sealing products, our company and our product portfolio have grown to meet the evolving needs of our customers.
Ferrotec is a world leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of advanced material, component, and assembly solutions used in a broad array of end products, manufacturing systems, and industries.

Temescal, the expert in metallization systems for the processing of Compound Semiconductor based substrates, provides the finest production evaporation systems available. Temescal systems provide controlled multi-layer coatings of materials such as Ti, Pt, Au, Pd, Ag, Ni, Al, Cr, Cu, Mo, Sn, SiO2 and ITO with highly repeatable guaranteed uniformity and performance metrics…
Temescal systems are supplied, installed and serviced globally through a network of trained and highly experienced direct and representative experts. Temescal systems can be found operating in 365 day, 24 hour compound semi fabs and foundries in North America, Europe and Asia.
Today the world’s most sophisticated HB-LED lighting, wireless, ophthalmic lens, triple junction PV solar, precision optic and telecom sub-systems rely on millions of devices that are made using Temescal deposition systems and components.

LC Technology Solutions Incorporated is a worldwide supplier of controlled and inert atmosphere gloveboxes, gas purification systems and solvent purification systems. Worldwide LC Technology has well over 500+ systems in the marketplace.

We offer a complete range of optional equipment including large and small antechambers, moisture and oxygen analyzers, ovens, freezers and special feedthroughs.

LAPP Insulators Alumina fertigt Halbleitergehäuse für die Hochleistungselektronik. Als Schlüsseltechnologie dient dabei das vakuumdichte Hartlöten von Aluminumoxid-Keramik mit Metallen wie Reinstkupfer oder verschiedenen Ni-Fe-Legierungen bis hin zum Edelstahl. LAPP Insulators Alumina blickt dabei auf eine mehr als 30-jährige Erfahrung zurück und hält vor allem im Bereich der Gehäuse mit hohen Leistungsdurchsätzen > 1 GW seit Jahren die Qualitäts-führerschaft. Pro Jahr werden in Redwitz rund 300.000 Gehäuse gefertigt.
Als Technologiepartner im Bereich der metallkeramischen Fügetechnik für elektrische Anwendungen stellt die LAPP Insulators Alumina Produktlösungen für die Vakuum-, Medizin-, Laser-, Mess- und Sensor- sowie Energietechnik her.

Welcome to HHV Ltd, the new home of the Edwards Scancoat Six, Auto306, Auto500 and TF600 thin film deposition systems. We are pleased to offer these well proven systems which are manufactured using technology licensed from Edwards Ltd.
HHV Ltd is part of HHV Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India. Established in the 1960, the company is one of India’s premier thin film and vacuum technology companies. The company can count many research institutions, university departments and industrial users among it’s customers. In recent years HHV Pvt. Ltd has also been Edwards’ manufacturing partner, building Auto306, Auto500 and TF600 deposition systems under contract at its modern facility in Bangalore.
Customers can count on our company’s many years of experience in thin film technology. We at HHV Ltd look forward to discussing your vacuum deposition requirements with you.

MITECH CO.,LTD which belong to the state-certificate high-tech enterprise, is a leadig manufacturer of Non-destructive Testing instruments such as Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Portable Leeb Hardness Tester, Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and Coating Thickness Gauge, we have advanced state-of -the-art technique,perfect production process,accomplished testing meathod and ability of developing new technology.
Mitech Flaw detection system department are made up by experienced NDT reseacher, projiect manager, and professional technician,who comes from Tsinghua University,Peking university and devoted in developing and innovating NDT products for over 10 years,The main work of Mitech Flaw Detection system department is improving NDT testing technique .Mitech Flaw Detection System try their best to develop high -tech additional value flaw detection equipment and provide flaw detection such as Pipe,Bar,Plate,Strip,Profile,and so on

The SPI Supplies Division of Structure Probe, Inc. was started in 1975 and is now known worldwide as a leading manufacturer and distributor of sample preparation equipment and consumable supply items for the routine operation of the typical SEM, TEM, LM, SPM and surface analysis laboratory. The SPI Supplies website has become the world’s “reference resource” for information about microscopy sample preparation and equipment maintenance items. We are also known as the innovator in our corner of the microscopy and microanalysis market, being the first to bring to commercial realization now familiar products such as colloidal gold probes and silicon nitride membrane window grids. Perhaps most importantly, with our own in-house SEM and TEM capabilities, we can quality inspect our products before final packaging. We can duplicate customer problems and give them solutions. No other firm serving our end of the microscopy and microanalysis market can come close to providing such a high level service.

In 1914 our company, Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd., initiated the research and development of Japan ‘s first X-ray tube. For nearly a century we have committed to development and production of electronic devices of state-of-the-art performance and high reliability.
Today, with human kind facing the urgent need of healthcare improvement, securing clean energy sources, harmonization of our lives with environment, the relevant technologies to these fields are becoming ever more important.

Yehai Technology Development Co., Ltd., designing and developing measurement instruments from 1993, is one of the major testing & measurement instrument manufacturers in China.
As a high-tech equipped modern manufactory,we have advanced equipments in manufacuring and calibration process. the high quality assurance system and well experienced R&D team make us one of the best quality manufactories. Our product line covers different industries such as electronic tools, electrical power, food and chemical, atmosphere monitoring, education and consumer electronics, etc.

Hwitek Group divided into two department, shenzhen Hwitek Technology Co.,Ltd located in South China and Zhengzhou Hongchuang Electronic Co.,Ltd in North China. The products from Synthetic quartz bar, Quartz blanks, Quartz Monitor Crystals and Crystals to High precision crystals, Crystal oscillators and TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs. We stick to technology innovation, state of the art management and new product development and obtained a lot of advanced technological achievements. We supply Quartz Monitor Crystals applied to vacuum coating, quartz crystals applied to consumer electronics, communication, military field, aviation and satellite navigation systems. Also we provide high precision quartz blanks to crystals and oscillators manufacturer. Our products including: Synthetic quartz bar, AT & SC cut high precision blanks, Quartz Monitor Crystals, High precision crystals, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs.

is a manufacturer of the thin film industry by supplying all types of high purity Sputtering Targets, Thin Film Materials, Evaporation Materials, and Rare Earth Materials. Top-Targets specializes in supplying a full line of high purity metal, metal alloy and ceramic sputtering targets with various compositions from industrial grade to super high purity for such diverse applications as PVD, Glass Coatings, Display, Conductive Coating, Decorative Coatings, Optical, Data Storage, Photovoltaics, Semiconductor, and Wear Resistance. We service the needs of the thin film industry, research institutes and universities by supplying a diversified range of sputtering targets and thin film coating materials ranging from commercial grade to highest purity, zone refined Ultra-Pure grade

Spt 3000 Ltd , founded in 1982 and is a joint venture, set up as the exclusive representation and fab coordinator between manufacturers of High Tech equipment like: vacuum systems, instrumentation for microelectronics, nanotechnology, optics & cryogenic systems in Israel. The partners in this company, all specialists in mechanical and electrical engineering, physics and chemistry, support the wide range of products represented by SPT.

Brooks is a leading worldwide provider of automation, vacuum, and instrumentation solutions for multiple markets including semiconductor manufacturing, life sciences, and clean energy. Our technologies, engineering competencies, and breadth of global services provide customers speed to market, high uptime, and rapid response, which equate to superior value in their mission-critical environments.

WeisScientific is a leading supplier of scientific products and technologies to the life science, pharmaceutical, laboratory, government and educational markets in Israel.
Our strategic partnerships with the world’s highest-quality manufacturers of laboratory equipment enable us to represent the future of the precision laboratory equipment industry, providing high-quality systems, methods and procedures to research institutes, universities, high-tech industries and health care organizations.