Temescal TRC-3460 TURRET INDEXER CONTROLLER 0040-9380-3


second hand unit

was disassemble from working system as part of upgrade

unit can be fully tested if required


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The TRC-3460 is a stepper-motor-driven indexer that uses optical
encoding to control the positioning of multipocket crucibles. This
versatile unit operates all e-beam turret sources with internal 4:1
gear reduction. In addition, it offers the choice of either manual
or remote pocket selection and either unidirectional or bidirectional
indexing. It is compatible with standard 4-, 6-, and 8-pocket crucibles and
provides special control modes for UHV sources, sources with
banana-shaped pockets, and sources with continuous-trough evaporant
carousels. In addition, the TRC-3460 is the only source indexer that
offers front-panel electronic phase adjustment. The unit is easy to
install, mounting to a standard 1-inch-diameter rotary feedthrough,
and is field-retrofittable to any Temescal system



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